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Thread: [RESOLVED] NEC Monitor Refresh Problem

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    Bill Stottlemyer

    NEC Monitor Refresh Problem

    I recently upgraded to a 17" NEC monitor which will only sync in the 480x640 mode. When I try to go to 600x800 it loses sync. This is an older 486-DX66 system with the ISA bus. Do I need a new video card? Is there some way to slow down the refresh rate?

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    Is this monitor brand new? Also, do you have the NEC drivers specific to your monitor...and drivers specific to your Vid card?

    Just checking. I have an NEC Multisync 50 and it has been working fine.

    Also, how old is the monitor?

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    Go here and download the latest drivers for the version of Windows you're running. The driver provides the correct refresh info to Windows and your video adapter to sync at higher refresh rates...

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