[RESOLVED] New motherboard doesn't work w/RivaTNT
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Thread: [RESOLVED] New motherboard doesn't work w/RivaTNT

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    Exclamation New motherboard doesn't work w/RivaTNT

    I just put a FIC PA2013 w/AMD K6-2 400MHz processor in my computer yesterday. But now my RivaTNT card doesn't work. I tried reinstalling the drivers that originally came with the card as well as nVidia's detonator drivers. None of these seem to work though and the computer will only stay in 640x480 at 16colours. I've tried everything that I can think of and nothing works. The card is a PCI. If anyone out there can help in any way please email me at chrisj@advi.net

    -Chris Johnson

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    I just spent 3 days with two FIC 2013 boards and voodoo3 cards...they just plain do not work with the FIC board. I returned both motherboards and bought Tyan seems to be fine. I had an awful time cuz I didnt know the problem was an incompatibility in the MB. FYI..I sent FIC a support request haven't heard in a week prob never buy another FIC. Probably having the same problem with the TNT. The great recommendation I got from vendor is that its a known problem (not to me when I bought it from them last week) and "just get another type video card" ...I took back the boards instead..but boy, was I aggravated. So much time wasted. I also tried a voodoo2 Banshee card, didn't work for long either.....
    You could try going in in SAFE MODE to device manager and removing all display and monitors in list, then let windows redetect it, in case yours is just a conflict problem..also disable video cache in cmos, and make sure set irq for vga is enabled in cmos...but

    Good Luck

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