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Thread: [RESOLVED] TNT & Glide

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    Question TNT & Glide

    Has anyone test "glide" driver (in beta) for Creative GraphicsBlaster Riva TNT? How to make it perform 3Dfx games?

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    i know of a site that gives you a driver that makes your tnt card 3dfx compliant for 2.4 glide i think i have used it for awhile and it works great BUT you must have a graphics blaster riva tnt for you to be able to even get thee file you need your seriel number. get it at www.creativelabs.com or www.soundblaster.com

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    Darren Wilson


    one prob that I have come across with the Unified Creative TNT/Glide drivers is that if the screen resolution in the game is higher than the desktop setting your mouse acts funny ( i.e in Carmageddon 2 , you can only access the size of the desktop in the game, Unreal Tournament demo you lose the mouse cursor comletly ). My own findings even I am using one of the older versions due to Creative USA not accepting my UK serial number

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