[RESOLVED] TNT2 detonator driver problems...*groan*
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Thread: [RESOLVED] TNT2 detonator driver problems...*groan*

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    Question TNT2 detonator driver problems...*groan*

    Hey all...
    My system:
    Asus P5A-B
    AMD K6-3 450
    Quantum KA Fireball 13.2G (5400)
    Diamond RivaTNT2
    Daytek 15" monitor
    64 megs'O'ram
    SB Live value
    SoHo 10/100 NIC
    DirectX 6.1
    Running ALI V AGPminiport v.1.50 drivers

    Now the monitor is about 3 years old (eg: SVGA at 800x600 is HF 37.87 x VF 60.32) which could be part of the problem, but the question is...why is it whenever I load Nvidia's Detonator drivers (2.08 AGP)my machine locks soon after Win98 loads, yet I can run Diamonds drivers without a hitch.
    Any suggestions? Update the ALI AGPminiport to 1.60? Flash the BIOS? These things I can do, but would rather do them as a last resort, and was hoping someone might have some insight for a quicker workaround.

    Thanks muchly...

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    The ALI 1.6 AGP driver will most likely help you. I would start there. I would also try to find the .217's as they may work a little better for you...


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