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    Question Video Ghosting

    Hello all, just a couple of quick questions and observations with my computer monitor/video combination. I am running a PCChips PCexpert M730 motherboard with on-board sound and video chips. The video is an SiS6326 8MB AGP. I have no problems with this board when I play D3D games, the graphics are smooth and somewhat fast. The problem is in Windows '98. I have a 17" monitor and run Windows in 1024 x 768 resolution most times. The problem is with video ghosting. The best viewable refresh rate is 43 Hz. Even at this slow refresh rate I get "Ghosting". The Icons on the menu bar and the fonts all have a slight ghost of the image just to the immediate right of it. And the video is grainy as well. I am running the monitor in 24 bit true color mode. When I try and crank up the refresh rate to 60 or even 75 Hz, the screen becomes squished and unreadable, and I get severe ghosting. There is also a very prominent squiggly line that runs vertically on the left portion of the screen. I have changed the connection from the monitor to the computer, and also the monitor is plugged directly into the wall socket. I don't have any periphial devices around the monitor to cause any type of interference. Is it just that the SiS6326 video chipset is utter crap, or should I buy a new mobo without this ridiculous chipset attached? Like I said, this just happens with the GUI within Windows. All my games don't suffer this strange anomole. Any advise on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening to me rant....

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    Well, make sure your video driver is up to date and all. But a 43 Hz refresh rate is horrid. Have you tried the monitor on another machine? Kinda wondering what the monitor can handle as you said D3d is fine. Chances are it defualts to a 640x480 res which would allow a highr refresh rate. While the Alton motherboards are junk, they can usually squeeze out a 60 refresh rate.


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