[RESOLVED] Pls HelP me!
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Pls HelP me!

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    Pls HelP me!

    Hie PPL! i noe this may not be related to the Catogary for this boad but pls help...

    For the past month or more
    i have been experiencing ddhelp errors whenever i open programs like 'sonique', adobe image ready 2.0' or even Some webpages
    the error msgs r somthing liek this...
    An error has occured in ur program. choose ignore to ignore blah blah blah...."

    and den another error msg pops up and says "ddhelp caused and invalid page fault..in blah blah blah..."
    pls help ME!

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    By the way..
    i am using Win 98 and using direct x 7.0
    and i have tried to use the WIn help to troubleshoot the problem..but to no avial


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