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    Angry ZBUFFER?

    I have a Creative Labs 3dfx Banshee 16mb vid card, if that does any good. For some reason when I try to run a certain game I get this error: zbuffer not available!
    Does anyone know what these are used for and how can I obtain them? Whats funny is the game ran fine earlier today, after a zipdrive back up of some files. The game was not in the backup process, but some video drivers we're. Mind you I only copied and pasted these items and never deleted anything. So the question of the day is: WHAT ARE ZBUFFERS and how do I get them back?
    Thanx............ :-)

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    Zbuffers is used to define hidden dots when game/computer/driver is calculating a picture (like a car in front of a landscape by ex.). Try to diminuate the resolution of your game or number of colours. In all cases, reinstall your video driver.
    Good luck!
    PS : what means 4U "a certain game"?


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