driver problem on windows xp
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Thread: driver problem on windows xp

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    Post driver problem on windows xp

    my problem is this. when i installed my pny verto geforce2 64mb agp card on my compaq running winxp it was used the drivers windows provided. but when i download and install new drivers and reboot the computer, it will either disable the card or revert back to the windowsxp other words, NO drivers except the windows drivers will work. can you guys help?thanks

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    You should probably switch to plain old VGA and reinstall the motherboard chipset drivers, especially if it is a VIA, then update with the new detonator drivers, then for good measure reinstall the chipset drivers. Hope this helps.
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    What drivers did you update it to???

    I know with the nvidia 21.81 Drivers I had lots of problems in 2000 and xp. When i installed the newer ones, came out a couple of days ago, 21.83 it fixed all the problems i was having.
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