[RESOLVED] Multi-Monitor System with an AGP Creative Labs Riva TNT.
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Multi-Monitor System with an AGP Creative Labs Riva TNT.

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    Multi-Monitor System with an AGP Creative Labs Riva TNT.

    Is there anybody out there who has managed to get
    Windows 98 to work with the CL Riva AGP as the Primary Graphics card? If so, I would love to know, I've tried all the drivers CL, Nvidia, Microsoft Certified, updated all there is to update inc bios.

    I've seen the Faqs and articles in reference to Multi-monitor systems:

    I've followed their instructions:

    Configure Primary card i.e. CL Riva AGP
    Shut down
    Insert xtra card and connect Mon i.e. ATI Charger PCI (Chipset=rage II)
    Power up
    The Mon connected to the ATI comes alive, the W98 boot screen comes up goes thru the startup files then the HD halts and Hangs!

    Original I thought it was the ATI card but it's fine, 'cause I took the CL riva out and booted back up everything was fine. I even did a Multi-Monitor system with the CL Riva replaced with a Cirrus 5446 and that's been great!

    any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated i.e. any bios settings that may need changing that I may have overlooked. Video cache/Shadow, Buffered Memory, AGP aperture size etc.

    My system is:
    PII 233
    64 SDRAM
    Cirrus Logic 5446
    ATI Charger (Rage II)
    Creative Labs Riva TNT AGP
    PCI SonicStorm Pro Sound Card
    I'm not sure what Mother Board I have though - sorry

    pls suggest any ideas. I've ran out

    thanks in advance.


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    I had similar problems with ATI Rage pro car and my vodoo 2. It seems that the older drivers work better that the microsoft ones. Try getting the old drivers from ATI. If you have problems e-mail me and I will send you the ones I have.

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    Which version are the old ones, 'cause I have a few! the org ones , 4.36 & 5.24

    However I have mamaged to get all three cards running twice now but ever so complex!!

    I installed the two PCI cards first and then Installed the Riva using the MS drivers (without any other drrivers ie Detonator or the org cl drivers) and all was fine apart from the Tnt had to be a secondary card and not primary, which defies the point really But at least I know it can be done AGP card w PCI and it wasn't because I had no IRQ channels left. But the system would hang once again as soon as I restarted the comp!!

    Rwinke thanks for your info on this and My Monitor! I am grateful



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