[RESOLVED] Has My Monitor Gone To Heaven?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Has My Monitor Gone To Heaven?

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    Has My Monitor Gone To Heaven?

    I was working on my CTX 1765D Mon' then it just switched off, I thought to myself huh? I pressed the on button and it's came back on but no pic!
    I re-booted and the mon turned itself on again from standby mode, but the screen only shows a single multicoloured line in the middle of the screen from top to bottom, it's about 0.5 cm in width on a 17" mon.

    Has it gone to the big place in the sky then?


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    No! You.ve just lost your horz scan. It could be just a bad diode or cap. Bring it to a service center it should cost about 65-75 to fix it.


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