[RESOLVED] EON Lilith Banshee AGP
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Thread: [RESOLVED] EON Lilith Banshee AGP

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    EON Lilith Banshee AGP

    Can anyone recommend updated drivers for my EON
    Lilith AGP Banshee.I went to there home
    page and under model DA915 it says coming
    soon ! It seems they do no update there
    page or drivers . Thanks !

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    Darren Wilson
    you could try the reference drivers for the card from http://www.3dfx.com

    Who got game???? I know I do!!!!!!!

    visit me @ http://www.ace-computers.co.uk

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    Thanks Darren . I am a newbie to 3D accelerators ( other than reading about them)
    I did try the reference drivers on 3dfx d/l
    page . They were dated March 2,99 I think.
    Anyway when I started installing the reference drivers Windows tells me the 3dfx
    drivers are OLDER than what came on my
    driver CD dated October 98. Thanks Again
    DANZIG !!!


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