[RESOLVED] STB Velocity doesn't work w/win98
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Thread: [RESOLVED] STB Velocity doesn't work w/win98

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    nog one

    STB Velocity doesn't work w/win98

    I can't make it work: using AMD K6 200MHZ MMX on a Biostar 8500TVG MB, and a 15" CTX monitor. The card worked fine under 95 but won't let me use anything better than 640x480 16 color on win 98, or it goes blank and I must restart at safe mode. Have installed the patch from STB site (and followed their instructions to the letter), the latest monitor .inf file, nothing seems to help. Biostar site has a BIOS driver that's 6 month older than my PC, so I didn't bother. STB tech help sucks. Anyone out there with some ideas? I am getting desparate...

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    Flash the bios for your motherboard and use the updated driver even if its only 6 months newer. Also check the advanced power management settings...ciao

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    Darren Wilson

    If I hear his question once more I am going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!

    First try installing Nvidia's Reference ( detonator 1.09 )drivers before anything.

    Also ensure that you have , in the BIOS, Assign IRQ to VGA ENABLED, and the AGP Aperture ( if applicable ) set to 64Mb ( any higher and YOU WILL HAVE GRIEF )!!!

    You will more than likely find that your motherboard does not give out the required 8v via the slots on the board to power the TNT chipset properly. This is a very common problem due to the TNT's high performance capabilities.

    If you want an all in one card, either get a Matrox G200 or Banshee as you will most probably find ALL TNT based cards will give the same results.

    This info came direct from the Technicians @ ASUS when I had this problem with their TNT card on various motherboards. They did supply a fix which involved soldering wires from the boards to the TNT but I would noit risk it as you will void ALL warranties if attempted.

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    Hi I have an STB velocity 128 This card as far as I know is only a PCI card. But I'll get to the point, I believe your problem is this, the "patch" or update you downloaded for this card is a tv driver and only works at 600x400. I am running win98 and the card is an absolutly super video card. Reinstall the card, remove it first, let window find it when you start back up and then reinstall the correct driver that came with the card. You are correct that STB support really sucks. I wrote them 4 e-mails for putting that driver on their web page without any elplination what so ever. This WILL Work!

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    go in in safe mode and make sure you don't have like 5 monitors and 5 video cards in device manager (check under disks too while you're at it) I have STB128 pci works great in 98
    altho I did have some black-outs trying to get it installed at first (conflicts)
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    Hi! I also have a Velocity 128 PCI but the problem is that Windows 98 recognize it as a Velocity 128 AGP! (No, my M/B doesn't have an AGP slot, it's an old ABIT PX5)

    Any suggestions?

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