[RESOLVED] pci-agp/cards and monitor display
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Thread: [RESOLVED] pci-agp/cards and monitor display

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    man in hell...

    pci-agp/cards and monitor display

    a friend of mine give me a dvd/rom..with a agp dvd/video card but no software how can I get that my dvd card is nitro 1.9.
    I already call the hardware vendor and they answer that they can't help me.
    also I have a viper 550 16 mb pci video card
    when I try to run my computer with both video cards a the time a receive a warning ...
    ***your computer drivers can't handle multiples display .contact your hardware vendor for upgrade your display drivers for multiples display suport, I will realy apreciate any help up there this is a hell for me the last 2 weeks ..thanks **amigos**

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    What is the make and model of the dvd. The video card maybe a video/decoder card and will not work with the viper card. If it was a just a decoder card, your video would come out the video card and filter thru the decoder card. does the nitro have what looks like two monitor ports. I think the nitro was made by STB and is in itself decoder/video card. To use the viper card you will have to get a plain decoder card (faster) or use software decoding (slower and need a 300mHz processor or higher). If you are running win98, it may have the drivers you need on it. I am supprised that the manufacturer could not supply you with the drivers for the dvd. I will wait for you response before going any further.


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