Matrox Millenium g200 2d problems
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Thread: Matrox Millenium g200 2d problems

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    Matrox Millenium g200 2d problems

    With some 2d games (Commandos2,Fallout2..) intro and game are displayed with horizontal lines disturbing the correct image. I tried to disable the advanced features of the matrox, with no results. I tried with a Creative Banshee and there is no problem!
    I have Asus p5a, amd k6-2 350,128mb ram, matrox millenium g200,diamond monster 3d2 12mb, sblive!basic, controller advansys u+.

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    Darren Wilson
    this is a common problem with the G200 on Asus boards. Change the board to another with the AliV chipset ( such as the Gigabyte GA5-AX ) & the problem goes away.

    I have yet to find a solution to this, apart from the change the card to a TNT ( which is a superiorcard in all ways , & fully supports OpenGL which the G200 doesn't)

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