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[RESOLVED] Latest Asus V3400 TNT Drivers hopeless
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Latest Asus V3400 TNT Drivers hopeless

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    Latest Asus V3400 TNT Drivers hopeless

    Just thought I would post my opinion on Asus' latest drivers for their TNT card. I was expecting much more from the drivers (Based on the Detonator drivers from Nvidia). When you update drivers you usually expect a few problems fixed, and with graphic card drivers, you also expect better gaming performance, with higher frame rates. What you dont expect is the frame rate (namely Quake 2) to drop off by about 35. With the original drivers I achieved about 84 fps in Q2 with my overclocked Celeron 300 @ 450 and now I am lucky to get 50 fps. To make matters worse, I cant re-install my old drivers. Has anyone installed these latest drivers for this card, and had a positive experience with them, or improved frame rates etc? Or can anyone suggest how I can get my original drivers installed. Any input appreciated, thanks.

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    i have a creative blaster tnt,and after trying all the newest drivers i went back to the tnt detonator driver which i found the best so far,and i play quake2 mostly,cheers

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    Clauded, The only way I was able to get my frame rate back was to switch to Nvidia's Detonator drivers, which is great because I can play Quake 2 at 80 fps again, but bad because it doesnt have support for TV so I have to play it on my 14 " Monitor I have read on Asus message boards a few people experiencing similiar problems, but I dont understand how a company such as Asus could screw up so badly. If anyone else has used this driver and can give some feedback I would appreciate it, thanks peoples.

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    Ok, I have got my driver problem sorted out (With the old drivers at least, the new ones still produce poor frame rates) Anyway, after re-installing my old drivers I thought I'd check to registry, and deleted a couple of keys from it relating to my TNT card (Dont ask what they were, I myself thought my PC would revert back to 16 colours after removing them) But they seemed to have done the trick. Before I re-installed them however, I thought I would test the TV out of the new drivers from Asus since they have an overscan option. This (along with the drivers themselves) was very poor, and my machine required a reboot. Not only that but each time I switched to TV I had to re-centralise the image. Does anyone know if there are programs available that overscan the image to fill the black border? (That work properly with PAL TV's) Can someone else out there post their results with using this driver since I would really like some feedback, thanks.

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    You all are talking about reaching 80 fps, you must have the vsynch turned off resulting in tremendous graphic tearing! I'm running an overclocked Celery 300 @450 with a v3400 overclocked @ 110/120. I'm getting 45.8 fps at 800x600 and I'm ecstatic! I tried turning off the vsynch and saw the picture crumble! I have installed the latest v3400 drivers, but made sure to uninstall the older driver first. Nothing but smooth sailing w/o hiccups!!


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