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    Asus V3400 TV questions

    Just a few questions regarding the TV support for this card based on Nvidia's TNT Chipset. Being in Australia I use a PAL television, but would like to know if the image created on the computer is supposed to be the full size of the 68 cm TV? (there is about a 2.5 cm) Or is TV Output limited to a certain maximum size? Does the NTSC version of this card have a similiar problem? Also, when I change the resolution to 800 x 600 the TV cuts off the image on the right side, so you cant see the time (Or any taskbars that are loaded up on the right side). Does anyone have any theories as to why this is, I suspect it has something to do with a TV's limited resolution supported and it cant support full 800 x 600, only 700 x 600 or something similiar. Anyway, If anyone has some info on this subject, I would appreciate it, thanks.

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    Francisco Fernandez
    Upgrade your video card with bios version 20 and your driver with the version 17 and you don't have the problem in the right part on the TV.

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    That was the first thing I tried, even before I started using the card in any games I flashed the latest BIOS and installed the latest drivers. I appreciate the response, but do you have any other ideas? Thanks.

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    I also use PAL and I found that just about all PAL TV's without NTSC can only do resoulutions of 640x480.
    Doesn't the software that comes with the card have a feature for adjusting screen positioning?
    Another thing you should do is set your refresh rate to 60Hz as the only TV I have personally seen that can do anything greater in a Sony Trinitron!



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