I have a Creative TNT with driver versions 4.10 (from creative) and 4.11 (from Nvidia) on an ABIT BH6 motherboard with the latest BIOS from ABIT as of a few weeks ago. The OS is win98 and I also should say it has MSplus95 installed. There are 2 problems I am having.

First is when I change to 32 bit color, it resets fine but if I reboot with the 32 bit color, I get a blank screen. It happens after the windows login screen. I can get the screen back by blindly hitting F4 and going to suspend mode and waking it up.

second is in 32 bit color mode also. Some of the icons, like the the 3 in the upper right hand corner of a window for min/max/close, are all messed up color wise. You can't tell what they are anymore. Most other colors look fine.