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    Question Packard Bell 1402 monitor

    I'm in BIG need of drivers for this monitor..

    Packard Bell is of NO HELP. They no longer have drivers available for this monitor..
    When I had Win95 on my system, I could have resolution upto 1024x760 or what ever..

    But now. Since I installed Win98. I can get nothing higher than 800x600, and on the PackardBell web site they mention to use another monitor's driver, but it doesn't work either...

    Please someone help.. This is an OLD monitor, but it works perfect..

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    Under Win95 you could use the "Standard SVGA" driver or the "Plug and Play" driver and they should work. I guess that Win98 has the same or equivalent.

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    I'm using the Win98 SVGA drivers, but they dont set the Refresh rate to the correct freq. And if I wish to haver a higher resolution, I have to use Display Doctor.. Which I hate to use... I even tried the Win95 drivers that WORKED in Win95, but in Win98 these drivers cause MAJOR hangups.. So.. I'm stuck at 800x600 until I can find some poor soul with the same monitor, and with a driver disk..


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    I'm confused is it the monitor or the video driver you are having a problem with? Sounds more like the video driver is not correct. Did you try going to the website for your video card and getting a new driver? Like was said, the standard or PNP monitor driver in 95\98 has always worked for me. If you know the monitor can do those resolutions, I would say its the video driver needs to be updated.

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    YES it is the DRIVER, and NOT the monitor.. That is why in my 1st Post I asked for help in locating a DRIVER for my monitor.. -hehe-

    I've gone to Packard Bell's Web Site. They NO LONGER have a driver available for my monitor. The Window's 95 DRIVER that is recomended by them doesn't work with Win98.. So.. I'm in need of the Actual driver for my particular monitor..
    It is a Packard Bell 1402s...
    It came with a 486sx 50mhz... It's highest resolution is 1024x768.. But none of the Standard Window's drivers will work with it.

    Oh well.. I've kinda gotten used to the 800x600 now.. But if anyone EVER has any drivers for this particular monitor, then PLEASE email me.. Thank you........


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    The file that you downloaded from Packard Bell, was it pbmon.exe? If not try downloading it and see if win98 supports your monitor.
    If it is, then I am not aware of any other .inf for that monitor unfortunately.


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