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    Robert T.

    Question Trident 3d image 9750 4mb agp

    I just bought a computer, a pentium III 450, for a gaming computer. It came with a trident 3d image 9750 4mb agp video card.
    Most of the games out today require 3d accelerator cards, I thought this trident thing was one. But it isn't working on any games. When i try to play the newest demos of accelerated games all i see is cyan and pink outlines of what everything is supposed to look like, and a devilishly slow framerate.
    Do you know what's wrong? is it possible to make the trident work, or do i need tp purchase another more widely reputable 3d card? thankyou

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    Trident AGP cards are really a cheap alternative, and you get what you pay for. It's time to invest in a good card ...I'd go with a Riva TNT or Voodoo 2..good luck.

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