[RESOLVED] missing MS097.DLL
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Thread: [RESOLVED] missing MS097.DLL

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    Sharon Pittet

    Resolved [RESOLVED] missing MS097.DLL

    Help! I can't open my excel. Message comes on saying MS097.DLL was not found. Can anyone send me this DLL? to shargo@powersurfr.com

    Thank you!

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    It's on its way...

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    Did you just install it or change a previous installation (ie. move files)?
    Usually this happens when the registry has the pointer for that file in one place when in reality it is sitting somewhere else.
    2 things you can do.
    1) reinstall
    2) search your computer for the file and then in the registry see what the path it points to is. You can then change either the registry setting to point to the real path or you can move the file to where the registry points.

    Good luck


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