[RESOLVED] CD rom quit in middle of network installation
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Thread: [RESOLVED] CD rom quit in middle of network installation

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] CD rom quit in middle of network installation

    I was reloading Win98SE on my computer after a hard drive failure. I have an ASUS K7M and an Athlon 800. When I loaded the software for the network card a linksys 10/100 it looked for the CD rom a creative 48x and didn't find it. On rare occaisions it seems to not be identified by the motherboard. I had to stop the install and rebooted the system.

    The problem:

    Now after having successfully loaded the networking system it keeps asking me during the boot process for the following files


    then before asking for my network password it asks for

    If I just click through all these the system works without any problems. Its just kind of a pain to click through these.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    instead of browsing to the cd try browsing to the windows\system folder for the files
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    go into the registry and delete all instances of these files.

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    goto network control panel and remove all. Reinstall all network client software this time installing all files. Reboot - should work.

    In the second half of windows 95 setup from a clean format and boot disk install Windows 95 does not load any virtual drivers (ie. 32 bit cdrom driver) so if you have not loaded a real-mode cdrom driver if cannot see the cdrom to pull files from - network and joystick are two common drivers that do not get installed on a clean installation.

    Tip / Fix - when doing a fresh install create a c:\support\95cabs directory on your hard drive and cpy the contents of [cdrom]:\win95 to this directory. Run windows 95 setup from this new directory - now windows setup will not need to look to the cdrom for any of it's setup files. Also if you leave this directory and it's contentents on your hard drive any time windows needs the Windows 95 CD it will know to look in this directory instead of bothering you - MUCH FASTER.
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