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    Angry game resolution problem

    help! i was showing off like a dumbass to a freind of mine and jacked the resolution on the game daikatana to the max!!! now whenever i fire the game up i get a black screen and cant change the settings back. grrrrrrrrrrrr i dont want to fight my way all the way through the game again can someone help me get my resolution back to normal; without slicking the whole game and starting over

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    uninstall ,cut/paste saves to another folder
    ie; my documents delete dai folder .reboot,
    reinstall cut/paste saves back to new folder
    mission accomplished dont be a dumbass again
    end crappily by the way

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    tried that already. resolution settings seem to be burried somewhere in the save files. when i cut them out and slicked the game it did the same thing when i pasted the save files back in.


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