[RESOLVED] DialUp connection and LAN conflict? Internet Explorer or Otlook 97?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] DialUp connection and LAN conflict? Internet Explorer or Otlook 97?

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    Post DialUp connection and LAN conflict? Internet Explorer or Otlook 97?

    I'm using Outlook 97 and a LAN to connect to MS Exchange server.

    I'm using IE4.0 and a modem to connect to Internet.

    I have setup:
    For internet connection:
    connect to Internet using a modem (connect automatically) and i have choose a dial up connection
    (my connection, ie.)

    For Exchange server (local):
    Connect using the LAN.

    When i try to connect at Microsoft Exchange (local server), dial-up connection appears and request my pasword to connect at Exchange and dial-up my connection i have to click cancel and.... then appears my exchange mailbox.

    MS Exchange is local, why invoke dial-up networking? I just want dial-up connection when i want to connect to Internet.

    My system:

    Windows 95
    IE4.0 (now iím trying IE5.0)
    Modem 33.6K
    3COM netwok card
    TCP/IP for LAN using DHCP

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    This might not be the the ideal solution but a work around would be to set Internet Explorer to connect via Lan. Internet Options/Connections tab. This way the stupid internet connection wizard won't invoke. You'll then just have to dial your connections manually before opening IE4 to surf the web.

    I hope this helps


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    Thanks Grogan.

    Does anybody has another response?

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    ok, here's what you do.. if your using the lan not the modem to connect to the exchange box upgrade from outlook 97 to 98 (its a freebee on the MS site). during the upgrade your going to be asked how you want to connect to the exchange box choose "load the corporate client" finish with the rest of the install.

    after the install is complete open the mail applet in control panel and setup your profile. you can use your name or the default name which is "Outlook", your choice but it's less confussing to use your name. click on the delivery and addressing tabs and fill in the rest of the info..

    hope this helps..
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