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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Windows 95 USB mouse

    Is it possible to use a USB mouse with Windows 95 4.00.095b? The mouse I bought didn't come with a driver, and I'm not sure that the operating system will support any USB mouse. Can you help?

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    Yes. it *should* ( <- insert fine print here) be possible. Make sure you get the USB supplement package for Windows 95. there is a link to it here on windrivers. The latest USB supplement package will install something like "USB with HID support." HID stands for Human Interface Device (funny how MS refers to us non electonic components) your mouse is an HID device. You may not even need drivers for it. they may be included in the HID support. (dont count on it, though.) It wont hurt to try, and you'll find that USB is AWESOME. Plug it in. It may ask for a diskette or CD, and it works.

    The system requirements listed on the box for your mouse probably say windows 98. Windows 98 supports USB right out of the box, unlike windows 95, with which only the OEM version supports USB, and only after a patch. Many USB devices say they require Windows 98 for two reasons: 1. MS may pay the company to encourage you to upgrade (just my speculation, but would it supprise you?) 2. USB support in 98 is effortless, and will save your mouse manufacturer's tech support people from a lot of headaches.


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