[RESOLVED] Need BIOS Upgrade: Award Modular BIOS. Where can I get this for free?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Need BIOS Upgrade: Award Modular BIOS. Where can I get this for free?

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    Unhappy Need BIOS Upgrade: Award Modular BIOS. Where can I get this for free?

    My Award BIOS v4.50G has this ID:

    I got 2 new 8 MB EDO-SIMM RAM and I added them together with the "old" 2 8 MB SIMMs but I found out that they have a different refresh rate (70ns instead of 60ns - the new ones). I tried different BIOS settings but nothing worked. I even sent the new SIMMs back to the reseller and in return I got new tested ones. Still doesn't work. And now my idea to upgrade my BIOS, but nowhere I can find free upgrades. HEEEEEELP!!! 16 MB on a pentium 120 is too less!

    I would be glad if I can get quick help here.


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    It sounds like your mixing Fast Page SIMMs and EDO SIMMs. This is not a good idea usually will cause nothing but problems and constant lockups, if you do get them working.

    The bios numbers you posted identify your motherboard as being manufactured by DIGICOM with the ALI-1449/61/51 chipset. The model however is not identified. Also a bios upgrade will probably not help your problem.

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    You should have double-sided SIMM for Your's
    MoBo. Single-sided SIMMs usually doesn't work
    properly on ALi-chipset-based MB,no matter, 70 or 60ns are they.
    About new BIOS...
    Look on http://www.pcwave.com.tw site on BIOS and Drivers page. Looking for date of MB BIOS,You have very old MB,so look at earlier models of MB.
    Also You can download from Windrivers.com
    usefull utility named ctbios.exe,that can help You to find WWW site of Your MB manufacturer. Do it and good luck! But sometimes www-pages can be moved to another place, so check out this www site (I mean windrivers.com)

    If You would sent me letter with more information about Your MoBo, I would help You more.


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