[RESOLVED] change primary partition to a extended partition>logical drive
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Thread: [RESOLVED] change primary partition to a extended partition>logical drive

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    I need help

    Arrow change primary partition to a extended partition>logical drive

    I am familiar with the workings of FDISK so I need not to have explained to me the inner workings of FDISK. What I would like to know is if there is anyway by using fdisk or a specific utility one can change a primary partition to an extended partition containing a logical dos drive without haveing to do it the traditional way of backing up the data and and repartitioning the drive and then restoring from backup. The reason I want to do this is to change my drive letters.

    Also, I have never used partition magic. Is this possible with PM and if so how?

    The ultimate goal is that I need a way to change my drive letter assignments.

    Thanks in advance to any who answer. Answers of "no, there is no way that I know of to do this" are also acceptable!

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    Lee Barnes


    I would use Letter Assinger to just change my drive numbers. I'm using it and I have no problems so far. Its at http://www.bigfoot.com/~vadbrtn

    A very good site for some reading and links to tools including Partition Manager is http://members.tripod.com/~diligent/harddisk.htm Best of luck.

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    I have not seen any tool, not even Partition Magic, that was able to convert a primary partition to an extended partition/logical drive. The only thing I can think of is to take PM, shrink the primary partition as small as it will go, create an extended partition and a logical drive in that partition, then copy everything from the primary to the logical, then delete the primary, resize the extended's left boundary to the full size, move the logical drive to the front of the drive, and finally extend the logical drive to full size. WHEW! It's still less time than backup/restore.

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    go with sharky on this one, pratitions cannot be converted from primary to exteneded or vis versa. The reason being that an extended partition must be attached to a primary, you cannot have and extended without a primary. Most people have only 1 primary partition per drive so any conversion if possible would have to be on a system with 2 primarys. If you can shrink the primary with PQ partition magic, back it up to cd or tape and rebuild the fileing system. or copy all data to another physical drive.
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    Agree with PCShark.
    May be it's best way to do so.
    And I cann't agree with Rejection man -You can have more then 1 primary partition on one drive using PM.
    Using PM 4(or 5) You can:
    -create extended partition with logical drive without primary (if primary already present on another drive)
    -create up to 4 primary partition in system without extended at all.
    -make active second drive' primary partition
    with another OS installed.It's simplify dual
    boot solution without using any boot managers -You can simply set up in BIOS to boot from drive D, and so on.
    Partition magic is excelleng thing...

    But do not forget save Your data before doing so - if something qoes wrong during PM operations (power cut off etc) You can lost all Your data.


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