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    Question Microsoft Office

    I have Microsoft Office student version on my Win 10 computer. I did not realize that Outlook did not come with this version. I can download Outlook only from MS for a price. But hear not to good things about this software. So was wondering if I should unload the MS student office version I have and install the Home & Business version that comes with Outlook for a price?
    Thank you !!!

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    It's the same software no matter if you get the whole package or one piece at a time.

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    Unless you have a burning desire to spend money or have a PST file on your system, how about the free Microsoft Outlook.Live.Com? Available on mobile or system and you always have your mail synced between devices. A PST file kind of shackles you to a particular system. I am not a MS employee but I do use both Office 2016 and and have had no issues using either.

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    It is very good think because every one faces this problem. So i like so much.

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