[RESOLVED] bad fuse in monitor?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] bad fuse in monitor?

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    The Trash Man

    Resolved [RESOLVED] bad fuse in monitor?

    i found a 17 inch monitor in the trash last night. it turns on but no image is displayed. there is a slow blow fuse, so i am thinking it is going bad but not quite dead yet. am i wrong? there is also a random small popping sounds coming from it. i examined the PCB and didn't see anything else visibly wrong with it. if it there is anything anyone can think of let me know please. thanks

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    A fuse is either good or it isn't! There's no such thing as a weak fuse!

    It's probably junk.
    "what'dya mean I hosed the whole thing? Is that bad?"

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    The Trash Man


    thanks for confirming my suspicions about the fuse. I know a place that buys broken monitors guess i sell it to them.


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