[RESOLVED] Network and PC Installation Checklists
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Network and PC Installation Checklists

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Network and PC Installation Checklists

    As a one-man "shop" (and keeping busy!), I sometimes start racing through my work at times. Whether setting up a small network or upgrading a system I feel like a check list to double check my work would be VERY helpful. Any suggestions? I know I could create my own but I believe I would be reinventing the wheel. Thanks!

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    I don't really have a list, but I always double check the various cables before closing up a computer (IDE and floppy ribon cables, all drive and motherboard power connections, CD audio cable, and the front panel led and switch connections).
    Another very important check is the CPU and power supply fans.

    Hope this gives you a decent starting point.

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    A mate of mine, a selfconfessed computer nut has a checklist forms page on his web site.

    These Setup Pages are designed as a Check-Lists for system Rebuilds and whatever else should be recorded.

    His pages: WWW.powerup.com.au/~mgarland


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