reconditioning rubber printer rollers
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Thread: reconditioning rubber printer rollers

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    Question reconditioning rubber printer rollers

    i was told to use diswashing liquid, put on a rag, rub on roller and wipe off. anyone else hear of this? oris there any other kind of rubber reconditioner you use?
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    I can recomend Rubber Drive Cleaner made by Rawn CO.,INC. of Spooner WI. The stuff really cleans and softens up a hard roller quick. I got mine at a rather large electronics only store.

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    Dish soap works good, I also use Rubber-Rejuvenator, you can buy it here at:

    The names of their products are pretty funny, they have canned air called Blow-Off, a degreaser called Get-Off, a lubricant called Lube-Job and an adhesive called Stick-It. I have used most of their products, and they are priced decent and work great!


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    You can also get a rubber conditioner "pen" at an automotive store. It is made for window trim and things, but it works great and it is in pen form!

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