Ok Guys Im Still having probs!!
I have got the HP CDW/R 8100 and also a
Pioneer 10x dvd !! now both these devices are being Reported as standard **CDROM** devices in the device manager by Win2k But obvioulsy they are not !!

I cant get the HP CDW/R To run ne cd's but it will quite happily run normal CD's And Audio cds.

The Same is True for the DVD it will quite happily play AUDIO & Standard CD's but when i
When i try and Run a DVD with Cyberlinks Power DVD 2.55
It say the drive has no ASPI installed !! i think I need the ASPI for the drives to work ?..they both worked perfectly within win98 they only perform as CD-Rom Drives within win2k

Ne help on this situation would be greatly appreciate !

ICQ : 6494958
Mail : Geoff@footlose.demon.co.uk