Darren, I think this one is for you! I just replaced an AMD K6-2 450 on TYAN Trinity with Pentium II 450 XEON on SuperMicro S2GDE. I have a couple of questions. The board came a "TRMS" card that appears to go into the unused processor slot. What is the card and should I use it? SuperMicro's site doesn't explain it, neither does the manual. Secondly, I am having trouble with IE on the Web now. Slow links and system hangs. I haven't purged Windows and don't want to, but I did remove the ENUM key from HKEY_Local_Machine, and redetected all the hardware. I am using a Diamond Stealth 4MB PCI video with a Monster II PCI accelerator, a cheapo NIC (as I only run two other machines on my home net), a SB AWE 64 ISA and a TI 56k modem ISA.

Is there more that I need to do do dig out AMD or the TYAN? Or is there someting I need to add for Intel? I have installed all the MoBo drivers for the SuperMicro.

Any thoughts?