I am some what new to this tech stuff but I have learned a unbeliveable amount in the past month this is my first computer and it is a dell optiplex gs pentium 133. I would like to keep it until I can save for a few months.I woul like to get a computer with a 200 bus speed. does any one make this besides amd?Anyway I successfuly overclocked my 133 to a 166,the motherboards max jumer is a 200
when I go to 200Mhz it will only run windows in safe mode with no drivers. can anyone tell me why? I dont have a lot of ram,thats the only thing I can think of, and all of the articles that I find are on p2s andp3s.Thanks for any help recived.I could also use any information on the new 200bus speed situation or a good new computer to buy. thanks

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