Pentium pro in socket 370?
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Thread: Pentium pro in socket 370?

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    Question Pentium pro in socket 370?

    the pentium pro uses the same bus as the pentium II. in fact, when the PII first came out intel was slapping it into modified p pro boards because they didn't have a dedicated pII chipset yet. the p pro used a 370 pin socket back then, and the current pIII's and celerons use a 370 pin socket. so I was wondering, could you plug a pentium pro into a board like the asus cubx? I know that it'd be kind of stupid to want to do this because of cheap prices on even celerons that outperform the p pro, but I want to know if it could be done. thanx

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    Darren Wilson


    No it cannot be done to my knowledge as the socket 8 that the P'Pros used is totally different in both pin outs and size to teh S370 of today.

    Nice Idea though

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    I agree with Darren.
    Both their pin outs and their architecture, is totally different!

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