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    Daniel Lawson

    Question Another stupid question

    It has been a few years since I have be required to build a PC for work. Most companies are going with complete systems so I am out of practice, so here goes.

    I Have a ASUS P2L97mother board, and a Celeron 566 processor. The dealer I purchased it from said it would support the board would support up to a 733 Celeron, but the manual only shows jumpers for up to a 433. I have an email into ASUS, but have not yet recieved a responce.

    My questoin. In order to set the jumpers for this processor on this board, what is the Core Bus Ratio, Bus Frequency and Voltage for this processor??? The voltage is marked but I am not familiar with the rest.

    Is there chart or spreadsheet somewhere that lists all processors, frequency and Ratio's? If so where might I find it.

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    8.5 X 66Mhz
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    if you set the bus speed to 66mhz the board should detect the 8.5 multiplier and adjust itself correctly
    you might want to try setting the bus for 100mhz and see if you can get 850 out of it, mine runs at 850 with no voltage adjustment...well, just food for thought
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    I know everybody hates PCCHIPS like poison but if you go to their site in Euorope there is a table there that shows the settings for every c.p.u imaginable. www.pcchips.nl/


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