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    Question upgrade

    I am currently using a 400-2.........I would like to know which is best - a 550E 256K or 550 512K ? And what is the difference ? Thank you !

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    The 550E is a little faster than the 550 w/512k

    the 550e's cache runs at full clock speed whereas the 550's cahce runs at half clock speed.

    i had both however , and didnt notice much of a difference. although , i gave my 550e to my father when i upgraded to a 700 , and he has it clocked at 733 for months now with nary a blue screen to be found. i take that back , his video card couldnt handle the higher buss speed , but once he rplaced his aging i740 based card with a Viper770.
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    thanks tech666 for your reply.
    the only thing i know about overclocking is my alarm clock, so i wont be late for work.thanks again. B.C.


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