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    Question Just Wondering

    I have a Celeron 600 with Abit BE6-II board.
    I have the machine running on 749 mhz
    83mhz x 8.5
    without pushing up the voltage.
    Is this my CPU's true speed and if so could
    i push it some more.


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    Of course its your true speed? why would it lie to you?
    seriously, you are even running faster than a 749mhz celeron because you upped the fsb to 83mhz, but your processor IS running internally at 749. go higher? don't know about that one.
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    Hi Narv.
    As fas as I can see, Abit is a very good motherboard for overclocking. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to overclock a Celeron 600 in the past, so I can't answer your question.
    Just some advice.
    100-150Mhz is very good. I believe you should leave it that way.
    Don't try pushing the CPU voltage, if you don't use an excellent cooling kit.

    Good luck.

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