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    Red face Extreme Overclocking 440BX

    I have a Pentium 800eb, and a MSI BX Master mobo. I have PC133 HSDRAM.
    I know the BX is only speced at 100mhz, but my mobo has BIOS settings all the way up to 155, so I decided that the 133 would be no problem for the BX chipset. After getting my computer rock stable at 133/800, I decided that maybe overclocking it further was possible. I tried setting it at 150/900 with the HSDRAM CAS settings at 3:2:2 and it booted no problem. even with the 37.5 PCI bus, my IWILL ATA100 RAID card works perfectly along with my network card. everything appeared to be running again at 100% rock stable. I have massive cooling in my box and still the chipset runs at about 115 degrees and the processor at about 106. However, my only concern is that in some cases, i.e. Halflife, Unreal Tournament, Q3A, performance either improved minimally or DECLINED! how is it that everything runs perfectly except my games? I thought at first that it was due to the way-out-of-whack 100mhz AGP bus, but nVIDIA and Hercules told me that my Geforce2 GTS card should have no problems with this. Any suggestions??

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    i found this review and it seems others have noticed the same problem with the board/chipset ... seems pretty interesting...maybe it'll help ya
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