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    Red face Soyo and PIII

    Hi all

    I have a SY-6IBM motherboard ( and an Intel Pentium III 600 Mhz EB FSB 133. The problem is that the motherboard says that the cpu is a PIII 450 Mhz and i have tried to change it the settings on the Bios but it doesnt seems to work because it shows thats a PIII 450 (im sure thats a 600 eb cpu)

    My memory its 2 64 mb dimms Pc-100

    Any ideas?


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    The reason why you are having your problem is because the board you are using only supports a FSB of 100MHz. Your CPU, being an "EB" variant, runs on a 133MHz FSB, with the multiplier locked at 4.5x. Since this is the only mulitplier the CPU can use, the board sets the FSB as high as it will accept. Some Soyo boards such as the 6VCA do support a 133MHz bus. I would go for a board such as the Asus P3V133 or P3V4x though. These are Slot1 Via based boards that will do 133MHz FSB. Your board is based on the Intel i440BX chipset, which while is quite stable, only supports ATA33, AGP2x, and maxes out at 100MHz FSB.
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