[RESOLVED] USB Camera & Netmeeting 2.1
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Thread: [RESOLVED] USB Camera & Netmeeting 2.1

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    USB Camera & Netmeeting 2.1

    My system is a Cyrix 333mhz 64meg ram, 4meg v/card, pc chips 100 m/board, 10 gig hdrive.
    I have connected an Omnivision usb camera to my system, when in netmeeting 2.1 running win 98, it all works fine until you come to use the camera and click on preview my out going video, I get the error in VXD OPENHCI (01)+ 00000159. If I press escape the blue screen goes but the video preview goes green and the camera power light stays on, the only way to turn it off is either reboot or unplug from the usb port, but it locks out netmeeting until I reboot...
    I have tried the camera as a capture in adobe 5 and ms imaging and it works fine, I have also tried it out on a PII system in netmeeting and that works fine.....

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

    Neil Ackerley...


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    try out the latest version of netmeeting,they put one out a few weeks ago and works fairly well,Clauded


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