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    Resolved [RESOLVED] USB drivers

    I have Windows 95a, and have two USB ports on my computer that are not active. Is there any way of using these ports to support Logitech Quickcam Pro that I have just bought. I have a copy of the USBSupp.exe file, now is it as easy as switching the port on in the BIOS and loading the drivers that are required (from somwhere) ? If not, is there a way that I can get this to work?

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    You have to have Win95 (B) osr 2.0 or better to use that usbsupp.exe patch to make usb work for your computer system. The very first version of win95 or win95(a) wasn't designed to support usb at that time.
    Recommend you upgrade to win98 because it has direct support for usb without having to load misc. patches for win95 osr 2.0,2.1 or 2.5.

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    Darren Wilson


    I would forget about running any USB device under any version of Windows as the USB drivers ( i.e USBSUPP.exe ) are really only beta drivers of the Win98 ones. If you look at any USB device ( scanners, USB ZIP, etc )it states on the box 99% of the time ' For Windows 98 / Imac ONLY '.

    Upgrade to Win98 if you want to get the true performance of USB.

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