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Thread: [RESOLVED] USB Drivers

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    Question USB Drivers

    I have windows 95(B) and I just got the same
    camera the other guy has (Logitech
    Quickcam). My usb is not active either.
    When I ran the .exe from the windows cd, it
    did not activate the usb ports. I need step by step directions on how to do this. If I
    upgrade from win 95 to win 98, will I lose
    the set up for my ethernet card or will it
    just update the win 95 stuff. I don't know
    a whole lot about this stuff and am
    extremely apprehensive about upgrading. I
    am afraid I will lose some information that
    I won't remember. Also, will win 98 set
    up the usb port, or will I be back at
    square one with just a different version of
    windows. In desprite need of help.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I would upgrade to Windows 98 to get the USB ports working properly.
    Before you upgrade, download the newest drivers for all your other devices, because some 95 drivers don't work with 98.
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    Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 98?

    View your system properties by right-clicking on the "My Computer" icon and selecting "Properties..." from the context menu. Select the "Device Manager" tab and then click the "Print..." button. For Report Type, choose "All devices and system summary", then print the report. If hardware settings are lost during your upgrade to Windows 98, you may be able to find them in this report. It includes just about everything.

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    I have Win 98 SE and have just brought a Creative Webcam III USB i have a lot of probs with it, everytime you restart it keeps detecting a new device! sometimes it works sometime it doesnt, I think it is to do with 98 SE, anyone else had probs?



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