[RESOLVED] occasional USB crashes!
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Thread: [RESOLVED] occasional USB crashes!

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    Exclamation occasional USB crashes!

    sometimes for no reason at all my pc will bluescreen with a message 'xxxxxx caused a fault in usbd.sys .........' which is annoying because my usb mouse stops working then, any ideas how to stop this?

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    Darren Wilson


    which board do you have???

    If it is a VIA chipset board with an AMD K6-2 350 or higher chip, Microsoft have acknowledged a problem with the timing in the USB controllers. They are working on a patch now and should be released shortly.

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    its a pc-chips m590 board (has a SIS chipset) with a 300mhz k6-2 processor(overclocked to 333mhz slowing it down makes no difference to the USB problem)i only have one USB device, a kensington USB scroll mouse


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