[RESOLVED] Resource Conflicts w/USB & VIA Disk Ctrl
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Resource Conflicts w/USB & VIA Disk Ctrl

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    Question Resource Conflicts w/USB & VIA Disk Ctrl

    Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to resolve a conflict between my VIA IDE Controller and a Modem Enumerator when I enable USB functions in AwardBIOS? Symptom is that when USB is enabled, the system won't pick up my CD-ROM device, only the HDD (thank God). Everything works when USB is disabled. I'd really like my USBs! My sys: AMD T-Bird 800Mhz, ASUS K7V socket A, ATA 100, Win 98se, for any more details, Alltherewas@AOL.com
    Thanks to whomever helps.

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    first step. in the bios make sure usb legacy is disabled(if it has a setting for it). second step reinstall the via 4in1 driver. get the latest version off their website.
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    Thanks for the idea, but apparently I already have those very drivers, and those very drivers are the problem. When I boot with USB enabled (and Legacy USB disabled),
    The only device with a problem is the VIA Universal Bus Controller device. This is the case even with NO other cards installed except for the video card. I think the problem lies in manually setting the IRQs, but I'm not familiar with how to do this (I tried in AwardBIOS, but there are only manual exclusion controls, nothing that lets me configure the IRQs). I'm also running something called 'ACPI IRQ Steering,' which doesn't seem to be doing it's job. If you know anything, or have heard of this before, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Feel free to email.
    Thanx- Alltherewas


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