[RESOLVED] Can't get USB ports to work on PPro M/B
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't get USB ports to work on PPro M/B

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    Angry Can't get USB ports to work on PPro M/B

    HELP Please!!! I have a BCM SQ600 Pentium Pro Motherboard and can't get the USB Ports to work. I have enabled them in the BIOS and this sees the on-board USB controller. I'm running Win98 SE, which detects the USB Controller and installs the software for it. However, the USB Root Hub then disables itself 'Due to excessive Hub transfer requests'. It does this with or without the cables plugged onto the USB Headers on the Motherboard. I'm running the latest BIOS (B03) from BCM's website, although this isn't very recent. I've e-mailed BCM with no success, they say it's an old USB implementation (1.0) but should work! Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have a scanner I can't get to work.

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    Hi! john,

    First, check in the Device Manager by clicking on Computer at the top and see what you have on the same IRQ # as the PCI to USB U/O Host Controller. You shouldn't have anything else that an IRQ Steering device. If you have part of the sound or video card or modem located there, USB won't work.

    It sounds like you are having USB timing problems and the above is a good first check. I hope this helps.

    Semper Fi,



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