I have recently Installed a Afreey 48X CD Rom. At first I was not able to keep the DMA setting box checked in the device manager for Win98se. I would check the DMA box, reboot and check the DMA setting and it would be unchecked. After fiddling around with the IDE Controller resources and finally setting them back to Auto, the DMA setting for the CD Rom would stay checked. Alright, the real meaning to this post. I have benchmarked the drive with CD Speed99 (among other benchmarkers) and my new 48x will only run at 20X. Thinking this drive was defective, I installed it into two other computer and it benchmarked at 48.7x. Put it back in my main computer, stripped all other harware from the machine except for video, hard drive, floppy and the 48x CD ROM. Ran Benchmarks again and it ran at 48.8x with all of the other hardware out. Put all other hardware back in and benchmarked the cd rom, and again CD Rom speed is at 20x. So I have come to the conclusion that this is some type of hardware conflict that is keeping the new 48x CD Rom from running in DMA Mode (this drive is capble of Ultra DMA/33). My question is, Has anybody ever run into this? Does anyone have any suggestions??? The drive runs fine, and has caused no problems. I would just like to get the 48x I paid for.

One Last Note: I have a Western Digital 13.0 G.B. Ultra/66 Drive hooked up to a Promise Ultra/66 PCI IDE Controller. I get the feeling this may be part of the cause some how , although Promise has claimed "The installation of the Ultra66, whether a HDD is connected or not, cannot
effect the performance of your motherboard controller."