[RESOLVED] NTKERN.VXD/USB device trouble
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Thread: [RESOLVED] NTKERN.VXD/USB device trouble

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    Unhappy NTKERN.VXD/USB device trouble

    My motherboard has 2 USB ports, and I recently added a PCI-USB card for 4 more and after hardware detection, driver installation via WIN98 CD they still dont function. In Device manager the USB Root Hub devices show errors "The NTKERN.VXD device loaders for this device could not load the device driver (Code 2) when I try to update the usb driver it asks for win98 cd , begins to install the driver and then i receive a fatal exception error in VXD NTKERN (6) ...when i "press any key to continue" i get a rundll32 error , that is usually when i throw my hands in the air and do what I can to keep from checking the in-flight aerodynamics of my keyboard. ANY help is appreciated, thank you =)

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    Hey, DMann, don't give up hope yet. First, did you have a specifice reason for adding the card instead of hubbing it?
    Second, try this. Go into safe mode, then go into your System properties. Delete anything that shows up more than once, then delete ANY reference to your USB. When you reboot, Windows will have to start from scratch and rebuild your USB support. Each item in the USB chain gets "re-drivered" when you just change the physical port an item was plugged into. Windows 95 and 98 often retain more than one driver path that
    you see in the normal system properties screen, and the concurrent registry entries
    end up getting jumbled too. (lots a fun, huh}
    Third, are you overclocking?, if you are the PCI bus often gets finicky off it's default, especially the 83 setting.
    Fourth, double check your BIOS and Win98 System properties for IRQ's. Sometimes the PCI steering that's suppossed to allow shared IRQ's just doesn;t play nice, moving the cards to different slots sometimes works.
    Hope something in this novella helps. good luck!!!!


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