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    Question USB under win95/98

    I have just installed a USB card on a P-1 compaq running under win98 - but I HATE win98...hee, hee and am not too excited about winme either...not that, that is much of an option for me anyhow. The drivers for the usb card are under win98 but I have reformatted and gone back to win95 - so is there anyway I can still use the usb card?? it shows up under the H/W devices as a printer now - I guess it is impossible hunh? since win95 does not support this technology? I either have to have win98 and my usb operational but my whole system slow or win95 and a happy system and no usb right? hmmm - I guess I am not looking for an answer to a question as much as some suggestions regarding my dilemma

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    The Win95B Version has a USB Supplement on the CD
    Have you installed it?

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    Win98 should be running as fast if not faster and better than Win95. Are you sure that the installation went OK? No conflicts on devices, drivers, etc? Most people find that 98 works better than 95...plus most devices has drivers set up for 98 and a few for 95.
    Just another idea...
    Good Luck!

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