USB ports all of a sudden don't work...
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Thread: USB ports all of a sudden don't work...

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    Post USB ports all of a sudden don't work...

    When I bought this computer (barebones system) it came with Windows ME. I had a Canon BJC-3000 printer hooked up to it (USB). When I finally got ahold of Windows2000 I installed that and the printer still worked. Recently I reformatted my computer (with Win2K), and the USB devices (printer and webcam) don't work. When I plug the printer it, it tells me I need to unplug it. Device manager shows my USB device as not working, that the drivers are not correct. Can't get the drivers to reinstall correctly apparently (after about 10 tries). Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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    delete all drivers relating to usb, turn off comp, turn usb ports off in bios, boot into windows, shut down, turn usb ports back on in bios, boot into window, and let windows recognized ports, and install your drivers....

    if that doesn't work i would format and reinstall, because you said it worked in 2k the first time, but not the second, so you know that they work in 2k, so it may just be a bad install if the above doesn't work......(make sure to install sp2)


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