[RESOLVED] HP USB scanner wont work under WIN98 (original)
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Thread: [RESOLVED] HP USB scanner wont work under WIN98 (original)

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    Angry HP USB scanner wont work under WIN98 (original)

    I have an HP 6250C USB scanner, and the darn thing will not install on my HP pavilion or my Soyo SY6VBA system, both use WIN98 original. On the HP, it was there one day, then it simply disappeared. Nothing on the Soyo, even with an update for USB from VIA, supposedly support for more devices. The scanner works fine on my friends Microstar board, but that is WIN95b w/ USB update, uses Intel USB. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I suppose it could be that they all may have different USB chipsets, although I think the HP has an intel chipset. HP is only slightly helpfull. They wanted to take it in, but b4 I sent it, I tried the WIN95 machine and it worked brillinatly, so I decided to give it another try. Any help out there?

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    Try uninstalling the drivers, then boot into safe mode, and check device manager for any listing of the scanner and remove them.

    Then boot normal without the scanner connected, check usb device & hub is active in device manager, then try connecting the scanner and see if it is detected.

    PS: You might want to try refreshing/reloading USB drivers before reconnecting the scanner.

    Good Luck

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